Artifact of the month for September 2017

Textbook in Hebrew
Nora Ida Kraast (1923 – 2006)

Nora Kraast was born in Kristiania (Oslo) as the eldest daughter of painter and stoker Adolf Kraast (born 1890 in Latvia) and wife Rakel Lea (born Meirowitz, 1894 in Kristiania). She grew up at Grünerløkka in Oslo, went to middle school at Foss and later Oslo Handelsgymnas, where she was a graduate student in the spring of 1942. Nora's father Adolf was arrested on the 26th of October 1942 and deported with the ship Donau a month later. He was killed in Auschwitz on December 1st that year. 

Nora, her sister Bertha (born 1925) and their mother Rakel managed to fly to Sweden and thus survived the Holocaust. After the war, Nora was affiliated with the Ministry of Defense as a proxy until she retired in 1990. She never married and died in Oslo in 2006.
    Photo: The textbook from 1927 has belonged to Nora Kraast and is a gift to the museum from         Egil Bodd
Photo: Nora Kraast as graduate student at the Oslo handelsgymnas, spring 1942
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