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Driving license -
Isak Meyer Bersohn (1902 - 1943)
Isak Meyer Bersohn was born in Kristiania in 1902 as Elder son of David Heimann Bersohn (f.1863 in Lithuania) and Rosa (f. Friedlander). After completing the theoretical and practical horticultural school, he graduated from the gardener. The family eventually moved to Jevnaker where his father David ran a clothes shop. The mother Rosa was admitted to a psychiatric home from the late 1920s. For unknown reasons, she was not registered as a Jew and died in Ingeborgrud in the municipality of Nes in 1946. Isaac, brother Markus (f.1904) and father David were all detained on October 26th and sent to Berg via Bredtveit. Isaac and Mark were deported with the Danube on November 26, 1942. David with Gotenland on February 24, 1943. All were killed in Auschwitz.
The driver card for Isak Bersohn has number 5656 and was issued by the West Bank police chamber on 12 October 1933. It is a gift to the museum by Rolf Theil, who even found the driver card when he was going to rehabilitate his house at Jevnaker. It had obviously been placed in a crack in the wall, most likely by Isak Bersohn himself, in advance of the arrest on October 26, 1942.
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