Artifact of the month for December 2016

Tippa (Sofie) Rubinstein (1919 – 2012)

Tippa Rubinstein was born in Oslo on September 4, 1919 as the youngest of seven children to Moses Krupp and wife Mina (b. Becker). Her mother Mina died in 1932. Tippa was at home, nursing her sick father when he and four of Tippas brothers were arrested on the 26th of October 1942. Tippa managed to escape to Sweden on the 24th of November. A few days later siblings Isaac (b. 1905), Sara (married Weinstock, b. 1909), Leopold (b. 1911), Hermann (b. 1913) and Bernhard (b. 1916) was deported on the ship Donau to the port city of Szczecin and from there to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Tippas father Moses was transferred from Berg prison camp to Bredtveit prison on December 10th and deported with the ship Gotenland on the 25th of February 1943. All were killed. Of the large Krupp family, only Tippa and her brother Israel Krupp (1908-1991) survived the Holocaust.

After the war Tippa worked as a shopkeeper. She was also an accomplished tennis player and porcelain painter. In 1969 she married David Rubinstein (1913-1984). The couple had no children. Tippa died in Oslo in 2012, 92 years old.

Photo: The Menorah, which is an imitation of the Menorah depicted on the Arch of Titus in Rome, was given to Tippa by her brother, Israel Krupp, and is a gift to the museum from Tippa herself.
Photo: Tippa and King Olav V, at the Royal Gard medal ceremony, ca. 1985. It was Tippas husband, David Rubinstein who in 1959 initiated the "Royal Guard Watch", an award established by Royal Guard members of the 4th company of June 1st 1934. The Royal Guard medal in gold is awarded for heroism, meaning that the candidate has put his life on the line for the Royal House, His Majesty the Kings Guard or personnel associated with HMKG. The medal can also be given to candidates who throughout many years, in a selfless way have devoted themselves to HMKG and at the same time contributed to raising the company’s reputation both nationally and internationally. (Photo lent by Rønnaug Louise Halden).
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