Artifact of the month for September 2014

The Golden Puck 1977 
Jørn Goldstein (1953 - )

Jørn Goldstein spent his first years in Calmeyers gate 15, the townhouse in front of the museum. The family eventually moved to Ila Valley, where as a boy he learned his first hockey skills. As an 18-year old Jørn joined Manglerud / Star and became the teams legendary goalkeeper. In 1977, the same year that Manglerud / Star became national champions for the first time, he received the "Golden Puck" as the best Norwegian ice hockey player. Jørn Goldstein played in all 69 official caps. During the Olympic Games in 1984, he and his team played a draw (3-3) against the previous Olympic champion, USA.

Jørns mothers family, Schapow, came to Norway from Lithuania in the early 1900s. Jørns father, German Otto Goldstein, arrived in 1947. He was a survivor of Nazi Germany's concentration and extermination camps.
In 1983, the Norwegian director Oddvar Bull Tuhus made the movie Hockey Fever. Jørn Goldstein has a central role in the film.
Read more about Jørn Goldstein's sports career in our new exhibition "Integration and the joy of sports".
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