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Bernhard Goldberg
Bernhard Goldberg was born in Oslo as one of four children to David and Anna Goldberg (both born in 1879 in Vilnius, Lithuania). He graduated in 1926 and was a medical student when the war came to Norway in 1940. Married in 1937 with Amalie (Makka) Selikowitz (f.1907 in Oslo). No children.

Bernhard Goldberg became the highest-decorated Jewish war participant in Norway through the award of Sankt Olav with the eikegren. He graduated a doctor first after the war, but was a doctor on Norwegian hunters after he had fled across the North Sea in 1941. Goldberg participated in several fights at sea; Among other things, he survived the torpedation of the Norwegian hunter KNM Eskdale outside Cornwall in April 1943. He especially enjoyed this when he tied a large number of wounded to rafts while the ship went down. He also joined when the hunter KNM Stord participated in the sinking of the German battleship Scharnhorst, and he attended the invasion of Normandy. After the war he worked for example as a doctor in Kristiansund and Ullevål before he established his own practice in Øvrefoss 14 at Grünerløkka in Oslo in 1953. Bernhard's parents and three siblings were all deported and killed in Auschwitz. Bernhard Goldberg died of a heart disease in 1959, 50 years old.
Bernhard Goldberg's officer's lure is a gift to JMO from the Marin Museum in Horte
Recept Block - B.Goldberg
Foto: Bernhard Goldberg, ca. 1950
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