JUNI 2016

Artifact of the month for June 2016

Pencil drawing (1941)
Herbert Herding-Herberth (1904 – 1958)

Herberth was born in Fredrikstad as the sole child of Norwegian-Jewish born Cecilie Fischer (1886-1957) and the legendary revue author Arne Svendsen (1884-1958). His parents were not married but his mother later married Abel Bernstein (1885-1942), who adopted the boy. Herberth followed in his father’s footsteps and was already a full time revue writer at the age of eighteen. Three years later he went on to become theater manager at Teater Hjorten in Trondheim.

In the 1920s and 30s and in the first decade after the war, Herberth was one of the most beloved cabaret artist in Norway. He appeared on the biggest revue theaters in the country. During the war he escaped to Sweden, where he also entertained the Norwegian Police forces who were stationed there. During his time Herberth wrote nearly 800 songs, several of which had nationwide success.   

The Pencil drawing of Herberth is a gift to the museum from Mona Levin. It was made by S. Andersen, has Herberth’s own signature, who gave it as a New Year greeting in 1941 to former waiter at Theatercafeen in Oslo, Walther Johansen.

Photograph: Herberth, ca. 1955 (Oslo Jewish Museum) 
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