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Real Covenant and Aliens -
Sara Dsenselsky (1864 - 1945)
Sara Dsenselsky was born in Poland in 1864. She was widow and came to Norway the first time in 1911 to marry Heinrich Dsenselsky. He had come to Norway with his family in 1897, but had become a widower in 1908. Heinrich had five children with his first wife, Ida: Rosa (born 1889); Rebekka (b. 1890); Moritz Wulff (b. 1892); Bathsheba (Kitty, b. 1894) and Georg David (b. 1895). Heinrich and Sara went to Germany shortly after the marriage ceremony. Heinrich died in Berlin in 1925, 60 years old. In April 1940, Sara returned to Norway, where she died five years later after staying at the Jewish retirement home in Holbergsgate 21 during the whole war. All Heinrich children (with the exception of Kitty who died in Oslo in 1920) were deported and killed.
Real-time and foreign passports
The 1911 spell and the German foreign pass from 1938 are a gift for the museum of the Mosaic Confederation in Oslo.
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