In recent years, research on the Holocaust in Norway and antisemitism has been central to the museum, not least as a basis for the exhibition "Remember to Life" (2012). The Learning Tool "Antisemitism - Before and Now" (2017) contains several in-depth articles developed specifically for this online resource. Research projects have also affected immigration, integration, sport and military service.

In addition to pure research projects, the museum's historians are engaged in micro research. This applies in particular to the preparation of the biographies to, but also in the guidance of authors, filmmakers, teachers and others, as well as help with genealogical researchers.

«Jewish Cultural Heritage» - bilateral cooperation between Norway and Poland 2013-2017 »
Oslo Jewish Museum is part of the cooperation between Museum of the History of Polish Jews (Polin) in Warsaw and the Norwegian partners HL Center, Jewish Museum Trondheim, Falstadsenteret and The European Wergeland Centre. The cooperation consists of several smaller projects, with a main project that was assigned the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage in 2017. Oslo Jewish Museum and Polin cooperates on the following projects:

- «Bente and Alexander», a documentary film about Jewish identity in Norway and Poland on the basis on a Polish-Norwegian married couple.

- «To the North, From shtetls to fjords» – an online exhibit about Jewish immigration from Polish areas to Norway at the turn of the last century. The exhibition tells the story of five families, and the work is based on field trips and archival searches in Polish and Norwegian archives. 

- «Norwegian and Polish rescuers» – qualitative interviews in Norway and Poland connected to the subjects of rescue and flight. 

«Flight and rescue»
An ongoing project about flight and rescue during the years 1942-1943. The results will be presented in a documentary film and a book in 2018.

«Anti-Semitism in Norway»
A research project building upon the work with the online resource «Antisemittisme – før og nå» (Antisemitism – before and now). The project will result in a book. 
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