Artifact of the Month for October 2017

Bar Mitzvah telegram card 

Ernst Sigmund Bernstein (1922 – 1943)

Sigmund Bernstein was born in Oslo as one of four children to Elise (b. Kazerginski) and Mendel Bernstein.
On April 9, 1940, Sigmund signed up for service at the Civil Aviation Authority. Sigmund was to study for Electrical Engineering in Trondheim, but would first conduct a practical year in Oslo. He was an apprentice in Jacobsen's Elektro at Alnabru when he was arrested on his way to work on October 26, 1942.

Sigmund was taken to Berg prison camp outside of Tønsberg until he was deported on November 26, 1942. Sigmund Bernstein was killed in Auschwitz on February 5, 1943.
His parents, younger brother Dagfinn, and sisters Lillian and Solveig with families, escaped to Sweden in early December 1942. 
The greeting telegram for Sigmund Bernstein's Bar Mitzva in 1935 was sent by Salomon Schacht (1921-1943), Sigmund's childhood friend, who was also deported and killed in Auschwitz. The telegram is a gift to the Oslo Jewish Museum from Solveig Levin, Sigmund's sister.
Photo: Sigmund Bernstein, ca. 1940 (OJM) 
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