Foredrag og film: Talentene vi mistet

Lectures and movies: The talents we lost
November 27th. 2016, at. 14.00

Jewish Museum in Oslo, Calmeyer Street 15b


About the Norwegian-Jewish actor Ida Rothmann, historian and collector of the museum, Dag Kopperud.

Excerpts from the film It draws through the valley from 1938. In this classic working film we see the young Norwegian-Jewish actress Ida Rothmann, arrested and deported on November 26th. In the film, Martin Linge, the man who gave his name and life to the Linge company, also acted as an educated actor. There are also clips from the City and Country movie - hand in hand (1937).

The event will be held twice, at. 14.00 and at. 18:00.

November 26 is the date of the greatest deportation of Jews from Norway during World War II. This year, the Jewish Museum in Oslo has chosen to hit this day with a literary night on November 24th and a lecture and film day on November 27th.
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