Foredrag: Leif Zern: «Kaddish på motorsykkel»

Foredrag: The Origins of Life and Language in Kabbalah
18. mars 2015, kl. 18.00

Jødisk Museum i Oslo, Calmeyers gate 15b


PÅMELDING / Tlf. 22 20 84 00
The origins of life and language in Kabbalah
Lecture by Dr. Gabriel Levy

Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical direction of medieval roots, has received much attention in recent years, both among Jews and non-Jews. What is kabbalah really and what makes it so appealing too today?

Dr. Gabriel Levy will describe Kabbalah's origin and development, as well as ask whether Kabbalah can make sense from a modern secular perspective.

Gabriel Levy is associate professor at NTNU. He received his PhD from the University of California in 2007, and began his position at NTNU in 2012. His research focuses on cognitive religious science and language philosophical approaches to religion in general and Judaism in particular. See for more information.
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